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Jardin is a municipality in Antioquia, in the southwest, 3 hours from Medellin. Its economy is based on agriculture and livestock.

The Tour through the municipality of Jardin has departures every day for a duration of 12 hours.


Departure time: 6:00 am

Meeting point for shared tourism : Parque del Poblado or Estadio Metro Station.

Meeting point for private tourism : Hotel lodging.


Per person when it is shared tourism :

Adult $100,000

Children older than 5 years $70,000

Children under 5 years $10,000

Per person when it is private tourism :

When it is 1 Adult $890,000

When there are 2 adults, each one pays $480,000

When there are up to 3 or 4 people, each one pays $380,000

When there are up to 5 or 7 people, each one pays $330,000

When there are more than 8 people, each one pays $190,000


Transport in vehicles according to the number of people

Visits in:

-Hispania, Andes and Jardín
-Calles de Jardin
-Grinder -Sweet
-Guide during the tour
-Medical assistance card
-Family atmosphere


Wear comfortable clothes, do not use valuable objects during the tour.
Arrive 15 minutes early.
It is better to have the original identity documents in case of any unforeseen events.


One of the settlers was Indalecio Peláez who took possession of large pieces of land. The name of Garden that the municipality has, is due when founders arrived, from the top of the flowers, they saw the valley and said: This is a Garden. Later, some priests met with farmers and decided to create the town more than 140 years ago. A mountainous area with a temperate climate and many rivers. Its economic source is agriculture, fish farming, livestock, handicrafts, and tourism.
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