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Capurganá Tourism

Capurganá is a geographical region of Colombia, located in the municipality of Acandí, department of Chocó, bordering Panama, on the shore of the Caribbean coast, in the Gulf of Urabá. Where within its economy is fishing and tourism. In Capurganá you will discover different landscapes and cultures. It was the indigenous land of the Kuna and the mulatto blacks, and summer homes for Antioquians. Like beaches, fauna and flora, among others. Its economy is strong in agriculture and tourism.

The Capurganá Tour lasts 4 days 3 nights.


4 days

3 nights

Land departure from Medellin


Per person is:

Adult $1,530,000 in accommodation (with more than one bed)

Children older than 5 years $1,420,000

Children under 5 years $300,000 (they travel loaded, sleep with parents and do not include food, among others.)


Transport in vehicles according to the number of people

Visits in:

-Sapzurro by boat
-La Miel by boat
-Passage by sea by boat from Necoclí, round trip
-Lodging 3 nights in a hotel with swimming pool.
-Food: 3 meals
-Guide during the tour
-Port tax
-Medical assistance card
-Family environment


Wear comfortable clothes, carry small luggage, do not use valuable objects during the tours.

No pets.

Have the original identity documents for hotel registration. Including the documents of minors for hotel registration.

“Capurgana tourism | Trips to capurganá | Destinations in capurganá | capurganá tourist plans | Excursions in capurganá | holidays in capurgana

Capurgana Tourism

Capurganá is in the municipality of Acandí, located in Chocó, bordering Panama and the Caribbean Sea in the Gulf of Urabá.

It was inhabited by the Kuna indigenous people, its name comes from land of chili or Capurganá in their language.

Its economy is based on agriculture, fishing and tourism.

The closest Panamanian municipality is Puerto Obaldía, about 50 minutes by boat.

From Turbo the journey takes 1 hour 50 minutes by boat and by Necoclí 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Exploring the Caribbean paradise of Capurganá: a unique destination in Colombia

Welcome to our tourism blog, where we will take you to discover the hidden jewel of Colombia: Capurganá. We will explore the natural beauty, the fascinating history, the emblematic places and the unforgettable experiences that make Capurganá an essential destination for lovers of beach tourism, adventure and Caribbean tranquility.

I. History and traditions of Capurganá

Capurganá, a small fishing village located in the Gulf of Urabá, has a rich and captivating history. Formerly inhabited by the Emberá indigenous tribes, the Afro-descendant influence and the migration of foreign populations have forged the cultural identity of this place.

The tranquility and simplicity of Capurganá surround you from the moment you arrive. Car-free streets, colorful houses and deep-rooted traditions immerse you in an authentic and relaxing experience, far from the bustle of the city.

II. Dream beaches and coral reefs

Capurganá is known for its impressive natural beauty, especially its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Capurganá Beach, with its gentle waves and palm trees swaying in the wind, is an idyllic place to relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea.

If you venture beyond the beaches, you will discover the coral reefs that surround Capurganá, making it an exceptional snorkeling and diving destination. Exploring the colorful corals and swimming among tropical fish will immerse you in a fascinating marine world.

III. Los Katíos National Natural Park: a treasure trove of biodiversity

The Los Katíos National Natural Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is located near Capurganá and is a paradise for nature lovers. This unique ecosystem is home to an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, including howler monkeys, toucans, and jaguars.

Here you can enjoy hiking trails surrounded by exuberant vegetation, swimming in waterfalls and marveling at natural beauty in its purest state. Los Katíos gives you the opportunity to connect with nature and feel part of something much bigger.

IV. FAQs answered

1. What is the best time to visit Capurganá?
The best time to visit Capurganá is during the dry season, between December and March. In this period, the rains are less frequent and you can enjoy the warm and sunny climate of the region.

2. What additional activities can be done in Capurganá?
In addition to enjoying the beaches and coral reefs, Capurganá offers a variety of exciting activities such as kayaking, hiking, sport fishing, and excursions to nearby places such as the neighboring town of Sapzurro and the enchanting enclave of La Miel in Panama.

Capurganá is a true Caribbean paradise that will captivate you with its paradisiacal beaches, its rich history and its relaxed atmosphere. Away from the crowds and mass tourism, it gives you the opportunity to live an authentic experience and connect with nature.

Whether you want to bask in the sun on the white-sand beaches, dive into the crystal-clear waters to explore the coral reefs, or venture into the Los Katíos National Natural Park, Capurganá has something for all lovers of adventure and serenity.

So, are you ready to discover this hidden treasure in Colombia? Come to Capurganá and let yourself be surprised by its incomparable beauty and its charming authenticity. We are sure that you will take with you unforgettable memories and will want to return again and again to continue exploring the treasures that this destination has to offer. Embark on a unique experience in Capurganá and fall in love with the beauty of the Colombian Caribbean!

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