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Tourism in Cali

Cali is a geographical region of Colombia, located in the department of Valle del Cauca, next to the Pacific Ocean. Where within its economy is agriculture, industry and tourism. In Cali you will discover different landscapes and cultures. Like Buga, Buenaventura, among others.

The Cali Tour lasts 4 days 3 nights.


4 days

3 nights

Land departure from Medellin


Per person is:

Adult $750,000 in accommodation (with more than one bed)

Children older than 5 years $650,000

Children under 5 years of age $200,000 (they travel loaded, sleep with parents and do not include food, among others.)


Transportation in vehicles according to the number of people Visits in:

-Lodging 3 nights in hotel
-Meals: breakfast and lunch (nightly).
-Guide during the tour
-Medical assistance card
-Family environment


Wear comfortable clothes, carry small luggage, do not use valuable objects during the tours.

No pets.

Have the original identity documents for hotel registration. Including the documents of minors for hotel registration.

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Tourism in Cali

Cali is the capital of Valle del Cauca, it is one of the most populated cities in Colombia and a great economic center. It is 2 hours from Buenaventura where the Pacific sea is and the best port in the country. It was founded 500 years ago.

Its name comes from reference to Apostle Santiago. Cali is in the valley of the Cauca River. Cali’s climate is hot and dry. The natives were decimated by the arrival of the settlers.

Cali is a great economic center of Colombia, it communicates with the way to

Its economy is based on industry, finance, fishing, mining, agriculture and tourism.

Some of the tourist attractions of Cali are the Gold Museum, Dog Park, Gato del Río Monument, the Rock, Farallones Park, Cristo Rey, among others.

It has natural parks, flora and fauna.

Salsa is a musical genre that is cultural in Cali.

More than 2.4 million people live, located 1000 meters above sea level, it has a dry climate, it is connected by road to the port of Buenaventura, it is one of the oldest cities in Colombia, salsa music stands out, Cali is the city in Colombia with the highest number of homicides in Colombia, it is one of the main economic centers of Colombia. It has countless bars, restaurants and hotels. Its most notable neighborhoods are El Pueblo, La Loma de la Cruz, Loma de las Mesas, San Antonio, El Centro and El Vallado. In the historic center there are colonial-style buildings. It was colonized by Sebastián de Belalcazar, where the Calima indigenous people lived. The cultivation of sugar cane and pineapple stands out.

Some places of interest

Dog Park
The Cat of the River Monument
Cali River
San Antonio neighborhood
The Rock
Farallones National Natural Park
Christ the King
Hill of the Three Crosses
Cali’s zoo
Calima Gold Museum
San Joaquin Avenue
Race 66

Its food highlights sancocho and arroz atollado, it has different theaters and art galleries. Its metropolitan area includes the municipalities of Palmira, Yumbo, La Cumbre, Jamundí, Candelaria and Vijes.

The functions that individuals perform in the midst of their trips and stays in places other than their routine area in a few months or days, for recreation, business, among others.

Historical tourism

Old age
In Greece they became interested in leisure, and they used their rest time in sports, culture and fun.
In the middle of the Roman Empire, citizens visited hot springs.
Middle Ages
Religious pilgrimages were what was used.
Modern age
Pilgrimages continue, visits to hot springs, mud baths for health and some beaches for doctor’s instructions.
Contemporary age
Rest trips began, the steam engine changed the form of transportation, where only animals were transported, the use of steam in maritime transport reduced space time. Maritime transport and ecological tourism are going viral. Much later they invented the airplane, increasing the pace of tourism.

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